Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

Livingston Parish Library will be our community’s primary resource for information and learning opportunities, as well as be a leader for innovative library services that spark curiosity and inspire new ideas.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Livingston Parish Library is to provide all members of the community with resources and programs to fulfill their information, educational, recreational, and cultural needs.

Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020

Core Values

Open Access: We will help you discover our collection without judgment. Our programs, materials, and services represent the needs of a diverse community. We are free and open to all.

Customer Focus: We respect everyone and treat our customers with compassion.

Excellence: We offer superior library service and love to see people using their community resource to its full potential. Positive attitude defines us as a team.

Innovation: We are always exploring new ways to do things better. Our library is an exemplar for the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our staff practice life-long learning in professional and personal lives.

Accountability: We appreciate the resources that have been entrusted to us and guard them vigilantly. Our responsibility is to deliver quality library service through efficient allocation of time, staff, materials, and facilities.

Passion: We are passionate about our community. Our library is a positive influencer for progress.

Goals and Objectives

Life-Long Learning
Livingston Parish Library provides accurate and timely information, as well as access to resources that allow everyone to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Objective 1. Provide easy access to the library’s electronic collection by beginning to issue Livingston Parish Library Digital Services Cards.

Increase Community Awareness and Outreach
Our community is fully aware of a wide range of services available from at Livingston Parish Library.

Objective 1. The library will expand its marketing efforts to traditional, as well as non-traditional media outlets to increase awareness of library services.

Objective 2. Expand outreach services and start dedicated school outreach.

Building and Construction
Livingston Parish Library anticipates and meets the needs of the community for quality programming, services and collections by offering access to the state-of-the-art facilities.

Objective 1. Complete the expansion of the Denham Springs-Walker Branch

Objective 2. Provide self-checkout option at the Denham Springs-Walker Branch.

Objective 3. Bring library services to underserved areas of Livingston Parish.

Programming and Services
Livingston Parish Library provides outstanding services to our customers.

Objective 1. Increase social services: adult literacy program, services to the homebound, and services to patrons with special needs.

Objective 2. Create innovative technology services such as Idea Labs, robotics and electronics training, etc.

Objective 3. Improve dedicated teen spaces by providing comfortable spaces for study and leisure.

Objective 4. Develop a relationship with our home-school community to increase awareness of library resources that foster home-school learning.

Collection Development
Objective 1. Offer more non-traditional collection items for circulation.

Objective 2. Offer a more diversified collection, including foreign language collections.

Objective 3. Digitize Livingston Parish periodicals and local history collections.

Objective 4. Develop robust e-resources to support self-paced learning for all ages.