How Do I Get a Library Card?

The Livingston Parish Library offers a variety of library card types for its patrons. Anyone interested in applying for a library card with the Livingston Parish Library must present a valid Louisiana driver’s license, or other valid picture identification, bearing the individual’s current mailing address. The library offers many card types.


For adults of majority age and minors aged 14 or above living in Livingston Parish.


For minors aged 13 or younger living in Livingston Parish. A parent or legal guardian who is a current patron of the Livingston Parish Library must co-sign for a juvenile card as a responsible party.


For teachers, school librarians, and other individuals working within the education field in Livingston Parish.


For individuals, adults and minors, who are Louisiana residents but do not reside within Livingston Parish. A library card may be obtained with a valid Louisiana driver’s license as well as a letter from the individual’s home parish library stating the individual is in good standing with that library system.


For adults and minors who do not live within Louisiana but temporarily reside within Livingston Parish for a portion of the calendar year. Must present a valid driver’s license from a state within the U.S. along with proof of temporary residence within Livingston Parish, including a valid mailing address.

If an individual is not able to produce proof of temporary residence and wishes to borrow materials from the Livingston Parish Library, a one-year library card can be purchased for thirty-five dollars ($35.00).

Senior Citizen

For adults aged 60 or older who meet the criteria for an adult library card.