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Must I bring my library card to check out books?

Yes, you must present your library card in order to check out materials from the Livingston Parish Library. Anyone who lives in the parish is eligible to sign up for a library card. Library cards are FREE if you do not currently have a library card application on file with us.

Where can I use my library card?

Your Livingston Parish Library card is valid to use at any of our five locations: Albany-Springfield, Denham Springs-Walker, Main Branch, South, or Watson.

How do I get a new library card?

As soon as you realize that your library card is missing, please contact the Livingston Parish Library immediately. This way we can block your card in the event someone else finds it and attempts to use it.

As soon as you are able to, visit one of our library locations to have a new library card issued to you. You will need to bring a valid driver’s license or other form of identification showing your current mailing address.

Replacement cards are $1.00.

What do I do if my library card number changes? Will I lose all of my checkouts and holds?

Replacing your Livingston Parish Library card means that you will have a new account for all library services.

How do I create an EZ Login?

EZ Login is a custom username and password that a Livingston Parish Library patron can create in order to access their library account. To create an EZ Login username, log into your library account with your ID Number and PIN. Click the arrow to open the drop-down list of account options, and then click Account Summary. The Account Summary page displays.

On the left side of the screen click EZ Login to open the Create EZ Login dialog. Type your EZ Username. Your Username is not case-sensitive and can be used with any combination of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. For example, 123456, 1luvBks!, Luv2Read.

Type your EZ Password. Your Password is case-sensitive and can be used with any combination of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. For example, 123456, 1luvBks!, Luv2Read.

Retype your EZ Password in the Confirm EZ Password box. If you type two different passwords, a message appears advising, Both password fields must match. Re-type your password in both fields.

Type your Library PIN or other requested credentials.

Click Save. A green banner displays at the top of the screen, Your EZ Login has been created. The EZ Login option is replaced with two new options, EZ Username and EZ Password. The screen changes to Change EZ Username. Remember to log out when you have finished. Failure to log out could allow other borrowers to access your personal information. After a certain amount of time with no mouse activity, you will be automatically logged out.

How long may I have a book checked out?

Books can check out for three (3) weeks, or 21 days. Books on CD, DVD, or audiocassette also check out for three (3) weeks. Audiovisual materials such as CDs and DVDs check out for one (1) week.

Can I return my books after the library closes?

Yes. Each library location has a book drop. Simply place your items in the book drop and we will check them in for you the next day.

Do I have to return my books to the branch where I checked them out?

No. You may bring back your books to any location of the Livingston Parish Library. Simply bring your books to the circulation desk or drop them in the outside book drop.

What are the library’s late fees?

For all library materials, there is a 10 cent-per-day fine for each item not returned to the library on time. This fine accrues per item per day to a maximum of $3.00 for each item. If you renew your items, library fines will accrue again once the new due back date is reached.

What should I do if a book I checked out gets damaged?

Bring the damaged item back to us and we will assess how damaged the item is. You will be responsible for any fees associated with the damage, including the total cost of the item if it can no longer be circulated.

There is a book I want, but it is checked out. How can I be sure to get it when it is returned to the library?

Patrons who wish to be notified when a checked-out item returns to the library can place a hold, or request, on the item. Once the item is returned to the library, the next person on the hold list will be contacted to check out the item. The item will be transferred to the branch from which the individual indicated they would like to retrieve the item. Items stay on hold for a patron for seven (7) days.

To request an item online, go to our online catalog and log in using your library ID or EZ Login. Search for your item and click “Place Hold” next to the item you want.

Choose your pickup location. This indicates from which library location you wish to retrieve your item. Please do not choose “Electronic Resource.” Once you have chosen your pickup location, choose if you want the first available copy or a specific copy. Finally, click the “Submit Hold” button. If you prefer to not place a hold after all, click the “Cancel” button.

Congratulations! You’ve placed an item on request. As soon as we receive the item back at the library, we will contact you if you are the next person on the hold list.

You can also call or visit any of our branches and ask a staff member to request an item.

Is there a way for me to get a list of books I have previously read?

Yes. The Livingston Parish Library’s system does keep a list of items you have previously checked out on your library card.

Go to the library’s online catalog by clicking the “LOG IN” button on the library website. Log into your library account by entering your patron ID and your PIN number. Alternately, you may log on using your EZ Login credentials if you have created them.

Once logged into your account, click the “My Account” tab. Then, on the account options menu, click the “Loan History” link. From here you can view your loan history and see what you have previously checked out.

Are there computers available to use at the library?

Yes. Livingston Parish Library offers over 100 public access computers throughout its system for use by patrons and visitors. Use of the library’s public access computers is free.

Do I need a library card to use a computer?

At the Albany-Springfield Branch, Denham Springs-Walker Branch, Main Branch, and Watson Branch, patrons can sign on to branch computers by scanning their library cards. The computer will then give the patron a timed session in which to work without interruptions. Non-residents (from outside of Livingston Parish) and other visitors can purchase a guest access card for $1 that will allow access to the computers and an additional 70 cents for prints and copies.

At the South Branch, non-resident patrons may use a computer by purchasing a guest access card from the circulation desk. The patron can then use his or her guest access card to sign in.

How long can I Use a Computer?

At the Albany-Springfield Branch, Denham Springs-Walker Branch, Main Branch, and Watson Branch, computer sessions last one hour. Additional one-hour blocks can be reserved if space is available.

At the South Branch, patrons may use public access computers the length of time needed to complete their tasks, unless other patrons are waiting to use a computer. In the event there is a waiting list for computer use, patrons are limited to thirty (30) minutes of computer time.

Can you teach me how to use a computer?

Yes. The Livingston Parish Library offers a variety of basic computer classes for the general public. Some classes require registration, so please call the branch you wish to attend to inquire about the class and sign up.