LPL Announces Elimination of Overdue Fines and Outstanding Debt

Livingston Parish Library (LPL) is excited to announce a new policy to eliminate overdue library fines and remove outstanding debt for library patrons. As of December 1, 2019, LPL has eliminated overdue fines on all library-owned items currently in circulation; removing barriers to basic library services and resources. The LPL Board of Trustees authorized the policy change at their board meeting on November 25. The new policy also waives overdue fines accumulated on items currently in circulation. Patrons with outstanding items on their account are invited to return borrowed items to any branch of the Library to begin utilizing library resources.

Read the official statement on the announcement here

LPL Goes Fine Free

Should I be worried that items will come back more slowly? Will they come back at all?

Research and reports from other library systems that have made the decision to go fine free indicate that overdue fines DO NOT affect how fast items borrowed from the library are returned. In fact, many fine free libraries have reported an uptick in library usage and the return of overdue materials due to the new policy.

Why did LPL eliminate overdue fines?

The mission of the Library is to provide all members of the community with resources to fulfill their informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs in a welcoming environment. The existence of overdue fines prevents that from being a universal truth for all patrons. LPL hopes that the removal of fines will offer a fresh start for patrons to rediscover the Library and the many services offered.

Do I still have to pay a fine that was on my account prior to LPL going fine free?

As of December 1, 2019, all overdue fines have been waived. If your borrowed items have been returned, your fine has been waived.

Fines have been waived, so why does my account still have a balance?

While LPL is doing away with overdue fines, fees for lost or damaged materials remain. 

How will the Library get people to return borrowed materials?

No fines does not mean no responsibility. Items on all accounts that are not returned within 45 days of their due date will be considered “lost,” and the full cost of the item will appear on the patron’s account. Patrons can simply return the item to reverse any charges. Patrons with outstanding items on their account are invited to return borrowed items to any branch of the Library to begin using library resources.

Does this mean I can keep items as long as I want?

Items borrowed from LPL will still have due dates. Instead of allowing items to become overdue, patrons can renew them by logging into their online account, contacting your local branch via telephone, or visiting the branch in-person.

Learn more about renewing borrowed items.

Will I still receive reminders about returning items borrowed from LPL?

Yes. Although items will no longer accrue a daily charge, patrons will still receive reminders as their due date approaches. Items that are 45 days overdue will be considered "lost" and your account will be charged the replacement cost. You can reverse charges by returning the borrowed item.