The Livingston Parish Library is responsible for providing all members of the community with the resources and programs necessary to fulfill their informational, educational, recreational, and cultural needs.

To do so, the Livingston Parish Library Board of Control has discussed, developed, and adopted policies in open public meetings. These formal, written library policies and procedures provide a legal framework for the operations of the Library.

The purpose of the Livingston Parish Library Policy Manual is to provide a specific written statement of the basic principles and procedures of the administration and daily operation of the Library. By issuing the written policies, the Livingston Parish Library Board of Control wishes to provide a guideline for consistent, quality, and equitable service to all parish citizens. The Policy is updated regularly, serving as a living document to meet the evolving and growing needs of the community.

All staff members of the Library are required to maintain a current knowledge of the policies and procedures contained within. An electronic copy of the manual is readily available to all patrons and staff. The policies and procedures in this manual represent best practices that shall apply to all the employees in the service of the Library.

To view the Livingston Parish Library Policy Manual, click here.