Monday, October 19, 2020 Livingston Parish Library Public Relations

Gather ghouls and goblins for this trivial feast! On this night, we'll be doing Spooky Trivia. This is the most extravagant of our Trivia Games. Trivia will range from spooky characters to spooky stories, movies, music, and just everything spoooookieee! Join us! Get some candy. Eat some chocolate. Dress up! You can send pictures of your costume to us and we'll make a slideshow and vote on who has the best.

Register through the Livingston Parish Library website.

Here's how Trivia Night LIVE! works:

  • Participants must register online or by contacting their local branch in order to participate in this program.
  • A valid email address and a Zoom account are required. 
  • After registering, participants will receive an email address containing a link to participate in trivia. Participants can enjoy trivia night solo or team up with a group of family and friends.

Trivia Night LIVE! Rules:

  • Trivia Night LIVE! will be hosted and moderated by an LPL staff member.
  • Trivia Night will consist of five rounds; each round containing ten questions.
  • Once a question is asked, participants will have ten seconds to answer before the next question appears.